Who Am I

Hello, my name is J.A. Neitzel. Aside from the fact that I am a member of humanity who lives on a little planet called Earth, I am a long-time UNIX user and enthusiast. I am an Indiana Institute of Technology (Indiana Tech) alumnus with a Bachelor of Arts in Information Systems. I graduated in November 2009.

I am also a member of the SDF Public Access UNIX System (SDF).


Osh is hereby dedicated to the individuals at Bell Labs who started the UNIX ball rolling in 1969.

MyIP is something I wrote for fun because I always need to know what my IP address is.

Dos2unix2dos converts DOS to UNIX to DOS EOLs for POSIX-compliant UNIX systems.

Bgcnv is a simple blood glucose converter for POSIX-compliant UNIX systems.

Serenity is my ship.